Affordable and On-Premise


Backbone is a desktop application constructed using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP). Eclipse provides an excellent productivity oriented workbench which is well suited for the constant multi-tasking in a busy factory. There are many other productivity oriented Eclipse plugins that can be downloaded and run inside the Backbone application. Customers may even program their own plugins using our Backbone APIs to add totally custom business logic or other functionality.


BIRT is a suite of tools for writing reports. Backbone harnesses it so users can create and publish custom forms, labels, emails and reports.

Rhino JavaScript

Rhino is an open source implementation of JavaScript that has been integrated into Backbone at key points. This allows advanced users to script in logic as needed to drive business intelligence.


On the server side, Backbone utilizes JBoss, an industrial strength application server, for services such as inter-client messaging and editor locking.

Distributed architecture

Backbone uses a distributed client architecture for some complex operations. This means that some clients are dedicated to special services and run independently of a user to accomplish certain complex tasks. The large MRP data cache in particular is computed and maintained in a dedicated client that all the other clients contact for special information. This frees up the user client applications from having to compute and store the MRP data.