Elite MRP

Production control & inventory optimization platform

The most advanced factory management software on the planet with Deep Operational Modeling forged in factories of Elkhart, Indiana.



Ease of implementation

Ease-of-implementationCustom Intelligence will configure a software solution specific to your operational structure and logistical challenges. Our modular software design allows for implementation to be done with minimal operational disruption and seamless integration with existing systems. Post implementation, we’ll provide hands-on support to ensure maximum benefits and efficiencies.


Greater Visibilty

Greater-VisibiltyBackbone MRP provides visibility enterprise wide. As an order works its way through each stage of a process, moving from raw materials to finished product, from sales quotation to final invoice; updates are immediately accessible company-wide.


Better Forecasting

Better-ForecastingBackbone allows you to manage supply and demand in real time by directly syncing what’s happening on the plant floor and in the warehouse to demand requirements coming from customer orders.


Leaner operations

Learner-operationsAfter implementing Backbone, manufacturers have been able to reduce inventory costs, improve work flow and essentially do more with less resources.


Optimize Over Time

Optimize-Over-TimeBackbone will enable optimizations to your operations as it runs your operations. Collect real production results to perform detailed cost analysis. Over time, problem areas and opportunities for improvement will be revealed. Streamline communication and awareness with custom reports and forms and labels to get the right information to the right place at the right time.



1Sales Management

  • CRM
  •  precision, BOM based quoting
  •  fast sales order entry
  •  customer credit management
  •  multi-plant management
  •  shipping
  •  invoicing

1Planning + Scheduling

  •  detailed MRP
  •  bottleneck identification
  •  production and transfer scheduling
  •  paperless factory management
  •  resource Planning
  •  inventory replenishment
  •  planning + visibility


  • granular user roles and permissions
  • system & user preferences
  • company configuration


  • custom parts configuration
  • automated BOM generation
  • inventory tracking + management
  • multiple plant management
  •  inter-company transfers
  •  scrap tracking + reporting

1Supply Chain

  •  physical inventory entry
  • cycle counts
  •  automated, batch PO creation
  • recieving
  •  payables

Operational BENEFITS

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Make more informed decisions with the additional insight that comes from accessing critical data in real time.

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Eliminate incorrect orders caused by last minute changes.

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Reduce overhead by right sizing your inventory and eliminating unnecessary administrative expense.

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Eliminate stock shortages/overages by knowing exactly what’s arriving in inventory and when.

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Provide better customer service with shorter lead times resulting from enacting processes more quickly.