Solving problems in manufacturing every day

Driven by Demand

Custom Intelligence began in 2002 by creating an online catalog for The Aluminum Trailer Company. Since then the feature requests have kept pouring in, and our software has evolved into a state-of-the-art system for driving and optimizing business processes and manufacturing at one or more factories. Our customers represent a wide range of manufacturing types from custom trailers to handcrafted Amish furniture to mass produced construction materials. To handle the diversity of factories, Backbone has been architected to be highly flexible and customizable. Yet we work hard to make the features useful straight out of the box.


Our Implementation Team

Our implementation team is led by a Six-Sigma “black belt” who specializes in lean processes. We will consult with you throughout the implementation process to collaboratively find ways to streamline and optimize your manufacturing operations. We can learn your business and discern your distinct business needs. We will fully understand your processes and create relevant, process-specific solutions with you in Backbone.