Changes for update stream 7.15

7.15.088 – 4/18/18
– Static PO # field added to customer products.
– Static PO # added to descriptions on shipment form and invoice form.

7.15.087 – 4/17/18
– Syncing fixes for Great plains credits
– Error reporting fix

7.15.086 – 4/16/18
– Fixes for schedule tree building process and phantom expected inventory changes.
– Improved order schedule tree view that shows expected inventory changes with corresponding schedule tree nodes.

7.15.084 – 4/11/18
– No schedule tree nodes for non-material BOM items.
– GP syncing for sales credits and vendor credits.

7.15.083 – 4/6/18
– Clean up processes for expected inventory changes and schedule pool items.
– Fix for SmartTurn paging size.
– Fix for Short VIN updating.
– Schedule settings locked down with Edit button.
– Schedule period management on schedule calendar improved.

7.15.081 – 3/23/18
– New schedule tree building algorithm builds full schedule tree first, then syncs expected inventory changes and schedule pool items.

7.15.080 – 3/19/18
– Supplier ID moved to top of invoice and shipper forms and colored red.

7.15.079 – 3/15/18
– Fixes for in-house order schedule tree updating.

7.15.078 – 3/15/18
– Table for sub-part reorders added to Order Scheduling tab.

7.15.077 – 3/14/18
– Customer setting for Vendor ID and including it on the shipper and invoice
– Customer setting for including the tax ID on the invoice.
– Customer name override field added to product types.
– Form settings tab added to Company Location editor.
– Location PO Statement entry field added to the company location form settings.

7.15.076 – 3/9/18
– Expected additions factored into refill due date calculation.
– Custom date range projection columns supported on stock planning worksheet.

7.15.075 – 3/7/18
– Fix for error building work cells.
– Schedules only group by schedule periods and groupings defined in the settings.
– Memory monitoring added to Online Users view

7.15.074 – 3/5/18
– Work cells view (AKA schedule assignment shortcuts)
– Schedule assignments table moved to part Config tab.
– Can select a work cell or from the schedules list.
– ‘Standard’ checkbox added to schedule assignments.
– Standard run speed and quantity fields added to schedule properties.
– Schedule properties and calendar moved to tabs on the Schedule editor.
– Production rate field added to parts on the Config tab.
– Production rate is settable via template scripting
– Standard schedule info is available to the part scripting context.
– Setup times tab added to schedules.

7.15.073 – 2/5/18
– Integrated the Apache commons CSV parser utility.
– Split field addresses for Vendor locations.

7.15.072 – 2/2/18
– Fixes for vendor location importing via import worksheet.

7.15.070 – 2/1/18
– Fixes for importing customer/vendor locations via importing worksheet.

7.15.069 – 2/1/18
– Fixes for importing customers and vendors via importing worksheet.

7.15.068 – 2/1/18
– New client based schedule advancement when a user opens a schedule.
– Fixes for stabilizing 7.14.

7.15.067 – 1/29/18
– Schedule advances when user opens a schedule in edit mode.
– Vendor only import added to part import worksheet.

7.15.066 – 1/22/18
– Schedule groups

7.15.062 – 1/17/18
– Part configuration ‘Scripting’ util added to configuration toolbar.

7.15.060 – 1/13/18
– Open order BOM items on Part Usage tab instead of ALL order BOM items for the part.
– Push messaging formatting fixes and updates.
– Generated date column added to part collections.
– Updated duplicate order PO # check.
– Order/Quote/PO item organization enforced on drag and drop.
– Flag for adding to a schedule on schedule tree nodes.
– Flag for phantom expected inventory change.

7.15.059 – 1/2/18
– Column for Creation Date added to part collections.
– Right click menu item in HornetQ Topics for viewing the list of messages for a given user.
– Right click menu item on that list of messages for removing messages from the queue for the given user.

7.15.058 – 12/22/17
– Option for turning order BOM ‘Show diffs’ on by default.
– Menu items for Open workspace and Open install location on Diagnostics view.
– Order and order item tagging.
– Short VIN searches

7.15.056 – 12/7/17
– Bill paid status syncing with Great Plains.
– GP system setting for automatically updating the bill # when exporting to GP and duplicate bill #’s occur.
– New equation/script field added to template BOM items for calculating a quantity for the order BOM that’s different from the part BOM.
– The new equation or script can access variables for order quantity, parent BOM item quantity, normal BOM quantity and order template inputs.

7.15.053 – 12/5/17
– Great plains vendor payment syncing.
– Eclipse log limited to 1Kb.
– Internal cost and sub part costs persisted on run results.
– Cost columns updated on Transfer Details report.

7.15.050 – 11/22/17
– Fix for syncing bill paid status with Great plains.
– Enabled syncing of all open invoices.
– Added syncing of all open bills.
– Persisted open/paid amounts added to bills.

7.15.049 – 11/22/17
– Pkg size column added to order template wizard.
– Editable Pkg size column added to order templates.

7.15.048 – 11/21/17
– Standard margin column on quote item entry table is editable.

7.15.047 – 11/20/17
– Quote item price updating wizard menu item added to the Quotes worksheet.

7.15.046 – 11/18/17
– Instructions added to quote item price updating wizard.

7.15.045 – 11/17/17
– Unified and enhanced quote item price updating wizard
– cleaned up quote item margin and cost columns

7.15.044 – 11/17/17
– Costs on Profit Margins report all converted to invoiced quantity units for convenience.

7.15.043 – 11/16/17
– Shipped unit labor and overhead columns added to the Profit Margins report.
– Shipped total labor and overhead columns added to the Profit Margins report.
– Internal unit labor and overhead columns added to the Profit Margins report.
– Internal total labor and overhead columns added to the Profit Margins report.
– Same columns added to the shipments review worksheet and shipment items table.
– Costing units unified.
– Equation symbol list sorted alphabetically.

7.15.042 – 11/15/17
– Updates for reports for all confirmed items and pool items to work with new schedules.
– Fix for committing new receiver items before submitting to scheduling engine..

7.15.041 – 11/13/17
– Fix for opening links in inbox messages.
– Fixes for errors on purchasing schedules.
– Fix for errors in the schedule tree updating process.

7.15.040 – 11/9/17
– Run result inventory check column added to Schedule Results tab.
– Visual schedule trees work with new persisted schedule trees.
– Search fields and filtering added to new schedules.
– Menu items for opening things in schedules updated for new schedules.
– Short VIN stored along with long VIN.
– Fix for part BOM indexing.
– Fix for persisted costs on part generation.

7.15.039 – 10/27/17
– Editable max and min stock level columns on the order templates worksheet.
– Rush item checkbox added to order items.
– Schedule color coding pays attention to order item rush status.
– Min stock column added to Order Template wizard.
– Fix for finding orders in new schedules.

7.15.038 – 10/26/17
– Standard usage added to suggested order quantity.
– Right click menu item on order template items table and order for launching the Order Templates worksheet.
– Sug Order column removed from the customer inventory counting worksheet.
– Notes: section added to customer inventory counting worksheet.
– ‘Use defaults’ on the customer product locations doesn’t apply to the usage quantities.
– Fix for customer product usages adding up.
– Customer product Potential usage relabeled as Standard usage.

7.15.037 – 10/24/17
– Usage shipment items added to customer product Sales tab.
– No more loading of expected inventory changes except on the “Old expected changes” table on the Part inventory tab.

7.15.036 – 10/20/17
– Customer inventory worksheet printed with separate order templates on separate pages.
– “Last customer inventory check” changed to “New inventory check date”.
– No negative suggested order quantities.

7.15.035 – 10/19/17
– Fix for updating shipment items customer product reference via the dedicated process.

7.15.034 – 10/19/17
– Better formatting for customer inventory worksheet.
– Customizable email button added to orders where old static email button was.
– Tentative order form added to customizable email button.
– Multiple orders are generated for multiple delivery dates when applying an order template.
– Fix for updating inventory changes when modifying transfer run result destination.

7.15.033 – 10/17/17
– Fix for last shipment info on customer inventory worksheet.
– Edit button added to Order Template items entry table.

7.15.031 – 10/16/17
– Add multiple delivery dates when applying an order template.
– More useful columns when applying an order template.

7.15.030 – 10/13/17
– Built in customer inventory worksheet for Order Template print site.
– Order warnings column on Open orders list.
– Right click menu item on Open orders list for compiling warnings for selected orders.
– Dedicated client process for populating new persisted fields on shipment items.

7.15.028 – 10/5/17
– Right click menu item for unconfirming schedule items from the All schedule items report.
– User setting under Scheduling for using sticky style notes popups.

7.15.027 – 10/5/17
– Default groupings and sort settings enabled for schedules when they first open.

7.15.026 – 10/3/17
– Schedule trees now match those produced by the scheduling engine with some changes:
– Order BOMs are now required
– Sub order items are now always scheduled independently
– Fixes for formatting in push messaging.
– Fixes for order template items reordering.
– Fix attempt for schedule notes popup disappearing.

7.15.025 – 9/25/17
– Schedule tree comparisons all match for Woodenware database.
– Fix for schedule notes popup.
– Scheduling engine socket listener waits on startup for free socket.
– Fix for error when shipping.
– Lots of schedule tree fixes.
– Fix for vendor part # on receiver items.
– Fix for excessive reloading of part’s most recent receiver items list.

7.15.022 – 9/14/17
– Initial implementation of new production schedules that work without the scheduling engine and load fast.
– Dedicated processes for initial MRP data population and periodic updating.

7.15.020 – 9/4/17
– Many more data model changes for the new persisted schedule trees.

7.15.018 – 8/24/17
– More persisted schedule trees.
– Basic functionality on new schedules.
– Fixes for full model object messaging format.

7.15.017 – 8/22/17
– Basic scheduling without the scheduling engine.

7.15.016 – 8/7/17
– Order Configuration tab added to table stack under order items entry table.
– Right click menu item on the Order Config tab table for applying the selected template to orders by default.
– Company Locations column added to Order Details report.
– Fix for item quantity on shipment grouping items.
– Part # column added to schedule items table on schedule tree editor.

7.15.015 – 8/2/17
– JMS acknowledgement mode changed to Auto-Acknowledge so that every single message is acknowledged and removed from the server as they are processed.
– New database table added for recording login records.

7.15.013 – 8/1/17
– Fixes for HornetQ status reporting.

7.15.012 – 8/1/17
– HornetQ views added to see topic stats, connections, and consumers.

7.15.009 – 8/1/17
– Fix for error on BCN sub parts tab.
– HornetQ Status view added which currently shows the message count for each topic.

7.15.008 – 7/31/17
– Default delivery time in Shipping system settings.
– Default delivery time customer override in Customer settings tab.
– Default delivery time override added to customer locations.
– Fix for error on BCN sub parts tab.
– Right click menu item on Online Users view for getting HornetQ stats.

7.15.007 – 7/28/17
– Fix for proper organization of quote items.
– Fix for enablement refreshing of menu items on the quote items table.

7.15.006 – 7/27/17
– Fix for BCN item grouped Shipped Usage.
– Shipped Weekly Usage column included.
– Right click on grouping items to open part.

7.15.005 – 7/27/17
– Fix for Quote/order item reorganization being undone if organization wizard is canceled.
– Fix for zero unit price on surcharge items added to orders.
– Fix for part class override on surcharge items added to orders.
– Fix for entry widgets enablement refreshing on Quotes when they are locked and unlocked.
– System setting on PO form settings for making the PO body simply be the subject line.

7.15.004 – 7/26/17
– Fix for customer part description on bundle tags.

7.15.003 – 7/25/17
– Mylyn dependency for notifications made optional.
– Bundle tags now print customer product description instead of product description.

7.15.002 – 7/25/17
– Fix for error on BCN subparts tab.
– Warnings column on Open Orders list is sortable.
– Right click menu item on the “Online Users” table for entering the number of allowed concurrent users.
– Special encryption password must be entered to set the number.
– Number of current users is checked on startup with popup warning if number exceeds allowed users.
– Backbone cannot be shutdown while orders are being finalized in the background.
– Order log entry added when production is assigned to an alternate schedule.

7.15.001 – 7/24/17
– Warnings column added to Open orders list to indicate if any order items don’t have order BOMs.
– Shipment based usage column added to BCN tables.

7.15.000 – 7/21/17
– All confirmed schedule items report added to Production reports.
– All schedule pool items report added to Production reports.