Changes for update stream 7.13

7.13.093– 1/30/18
– Fix for null pointer error in Storage Locations view.

7.13.092– 12/26/17
– Scheduling engine support for order and order item tags.

7.13.091– 12/8/17
– Merged in right click menu item on Connections View in order to trouble shoot the hub connections.

7.13.090– 11/30/17
– Automatic file repo mounting for Macs.
– Purchasing schedule pool slots don’t get anticipatory expected inventory changes.

7.13.089– 10/29/17
– Order item rush item added to schedule color coding logic.

7.13.088– 10/18/17
– Fix for user ID conflict with push messaging in 7.14.

7.13.087– 10/5/17
– User preference under Scheduling for switching to sticky style notes popups.

7.13.086– 10/4/17
– Schedule notes popup gets focus in an attempt to solve the problem where they disappear right away on Android.

7.13.085– 10/2/17
– Another fix for schedule notes popup disappearing right away on Android OS.
– Fix for matching transfer schedule items with their corresponding pool items.

7.13.084– 9/27/17
– Schedule notes are popped up on click instead of hover.
– # of items column added to Move schedule item to other schedule… wizard.

7.13.083– 9/23/17
– Fix for schedule notes popup disappearing immediately.
– Fix for slow typing in shipment truck driver field.
– Fix for order template items printing out of order in the BIRT reports.
– Fix for receiver items vendor product number.
– Scheduling engine checks for other running scheduling engine on startup.

7.13.082– 9/21/17
– Fix for scheduling engine freeze out while items on schedules are being mass updated during the normal refresh cycle.

7.13.081– 9/21/17
– Push messaging removed from 7.13.
– ScheduleBOMUtil added to schedule scripting context.

7.13.080– 9/20/17
– Fix for excessive most recent receiver item reloading.
– Scheduling engine calculations are throttled slightly after the first update cycle so they don’t tie up the database as much.
– Faulty schedule items with no work order attached are not even attempted to add to the schedule cache.
– Scheduling engine will not launch without the ‘-scheduling’ parameter in the launch shortcut.

7.13.079– 9/19/17
– Manually initiate scheduling engine refresh cycle via right click on the Schedules list of the scheduling engine.
– Fix for error when shipping containers.
– Fix for error caching schedule items with no ship from location.
– No more separate message handling for scheduling engine.

7.13.078– 9/19/17
– Scheduling engine can be booted while another is working. Then it waits to listen on the socket until the old scheduling engine is killed.

7.13.077– 9/18/17
– System setting for controlling the scheduling engine refresh pause time.

7.13.076– 9/11/17
– List util added to scripting context.

7.13.075– 9/5/17
– One more fix for full object messaging backwards compatibility.

7.13.074– 9/3/17
– Fix for full object messaging backwards compatibility.

7.13.073– 8/24/17
– Full object messaging and durable messaging support moved to 7.13.

7.13.071– 8/22/17
– Fix for “Create full refund” on configured orders.
– Fix for that operation sometimes not unshipping the order.
– System setting for using the PO email subject as the email body.
– Fix for error on Vendor activity receivers table purchasing agent column.
– Fix for vendor part # not being displayed some places.
– Sub item refreshing fixed for Master shipments.
– Fix for shipment item backordered quantity on forms when shipment isn’t finalized.

7.13.070– 8/7/17
– Fix for item quantity on grouped shipment items.

7.13.069– 8/2/17
– JMS acknowledgement mode switched to AUTO-ACKNOWLEDGE so that messages don’t wait around and build up on the server.
– HornetQ client IDs contain the Backbone username for identification.

7.13.068– 7/30/17
– Fixes for quote entry widget locking.
– Fixes for document item organization wizard.- Fixes for surcharge items.
– Can’t shutdown when orders are finalizing in the background.
– Order log entry when production assigned to alternate schedules.
– Bundle tags show the customer part description when available.
– Fix for opening parts via right click on BCN grouping items.

7.13.067 – 7/12/17
– Fixes for refreshing behavior on quotes.
– JMS connection settings controllable in the system settings.

7.13.066 – 7/10/17
– No BCN items can be added when BCN is locked (finalized).
– BCN approval notifications only sent out for first approval.
– Quote date range verification removed when BCN’s finalized.
– Fix for error when opening Order items worksheet.

7.13.065 – 6/29/17
– Fix for Materials Used dataset.

7.13.064 – 6/28/17
– .convertUnits(‘u/m’, unitConversions) added to Price objects for easy unit conversion when javascripting.
– Surcharge items always after the corresponding normal item on orders, shippers, and invoice forms and PDFs.
– All run result datasets added to the Print site on the condensed production ticket.
– Product Type column added to the Open Order Items report.
– Unit conversions enabled on row items on Open Order Items report.
– fix for ScheduleBOMUtil when using top level schedule items.

7.13.063 – 6/14/17
– Checkbox added to Part Duplication wizard for including/excluding the target price from the duplication operation. Selection is remembered.

7.13.062 – 6/8/17
– Fix for database params in launch shortcuts and .ini files.
– Unit price added to “zeroing” inventory tags.

7.13.061 – 6/1/17
– Fix for ‘No automatic surcharges’ setting on customers.

7.13.060 – 5/31/17
– Company locations filter added to Production Details report.
– Checkbox on Customer Settings tab for excluding customers from automatic surcharges.
– Customers worksheet can be launched by right clicking on the Customers list.
– Product Type column added to the Open Order Details report.
– Fix for Inventory count costing method options in drop downs.
– Drag and drop part collections onto inventory tag lists.
– Inventory tags get default U/M and unit price when dragging and dropping items onto the tag list.
– Sub items removed from Sub Parts tab of BCNs when top level BCN items deleted.
– Deploy BIRT libraries from a list of bundled report libraries.
– Fix for restoring saved custom usage columns.
– Error setting PO item defaults fixed.
– Population of PA and item account data when PO’s duplicated.
– Option for clearing all direct account assignments added to the wizard for modifying account assignments on the part collection worksheet.
– Fixes for table layout saving and updating.

7.13.059 – 5/22/17
– ID given to inventory changes worksheet table.
– Fix for legacy JMS connections.
– Shortcut settings override online default settings.
– User preferences override both.

7.13.058 – 5/11/17
– Great plains export puts sub-invoice items after all the main invoice items.

7.13.057 – 5/5/17
– Fix for getting default settings from license server.

7.13.056 – 5/2/17
– Fix for stack over flow on quote item unit price when activated but not locked.
– unitConversions supported in scripted columns.
– Usage columns return quantity values on Usage Worksheet.
– Fix for error when dropping file attachments onto the order items entry list.
– Duplicate ‘Manage inventory count columns…’ menu items removed from Usages Worksheet.
– Fixed error when dropping files onto order items entry table.
– Removed garbled log message when importing files.
– Database schema update won’t run if it is older than the current database schema.
– Unit conversion utility added to part scripting context.
– Run batch inventory verification improved to handle results with 0 finished quantity.
– Removed online system settings check since service is no longer active.

7.13.055 – 4/26/17
– Transfers and manual changes no longer included in FIFO cost calculation.

7.13.054 – 4/26/17
– Fix for displaying standalone HornetQ address in Connections view
– Fixes for saving and restoring table layouts.

7.13.053 – 4/25/17
– Standardized order/quote entry behavior: when a part is first selected for an item, the description, customer/vendor number, unit price remain dynamic on the item and responsive to changes on the part. After the document is locked the first time, those fields are frozen and will no longer show changes made on the part unless a right click ‘Update…’ menu item is selected.
– Errors during built in order import test are logged.

7.13.052 – 4/17/17
– Fix for PO item descriptions on form.
– System setting added to PO form settings for showing all PO items on receiver form.
– Fix for emailing normal quotes when configured quotes are primary style.

7.13.051 – 4/6/17
– ATC test order file included in build.

7.13.050 – 3/22/17
– Built-in test for importing a complex order works.
– PO # support added to complex order importing operation.
– Fix for order status calculation for orders with an extraneous order item accidentally attached.
– Part class override set on PO items by default for parts with an override specified.

7.13.049 – 3/16/17
– Order item description, name, customer part number, customer part description all unfrozen on order until order is locked the first time.

7.13.048 – 3/15/17
– Group based product type shown on part configuration tab. Group based product types are shown in italics.
– Product Type column on part collection worksheet shows parent part group types if no direct type specified.
– Product Type column font is italicized if the product type comes from the parent part groups.
– Accounts column on part collection worksheet shows parent part group account assignments as well as direct account assignments.
– Accounts column font is italicized if all account assignments come from the parent groups.
– Save current layout changed to Manage layouts…
– Remove layouts and update existing layouts using the Manage layouts wizard.
– Duplication of part groups disabled because it seems unnecessary and it was causing infinitely nested duplicated groups.

7.13.047 – 3/13/17
– Fix for error on production details report.
– Checkbox added to the Duplicate parts wizard for including file attachments or not. Selection is remembered.

7.13.046 – 3/10/17
– Inventory worksheets launcher added to PO batch worksheet tables.
– This includes the custom stock level columns and the custom inventory count columns features.

7.13.045 – 3/9/17
– Dedicated process for persisting part cost breakdown for all parts added back.
– Error handling for background processes improved to write errors to the log only instead of popping up a dialog that needs user interaction.
– System setting added to Credit settings for sending email to Sales person when there’s a credit hold on an order.
– Fix for Part Name column on the Receiver Details report.

7.13.044 – 3/9/17
– Configurable stock level columns added to tables with the inventory worksheets launcher.
– Scheduling engine loads no user messages.
– “Committed Stk” column added to the PO batch tables. Disabled by default.
– Right click menu item added to the open order items report for calculating the original blanket quantity for blanket items.

7.13.043 – 3/6/17
– Fix for scrap cost calculation on scrap items with part overrides.

7.13.042 – 3/6/17
– Past stock level calculation reloads data fresh each time.
– Right click menu item for archiving receivers added back to Open Receivers List.
– BOM item columns added to Run Result Materials Used table.

7.13.041 – 3/3/17
– Fix for hidden Backbone status text on Neon Eclipse for Windows.
– Fix for moving customers to top level.
– Multithreaded loading for table stats in Database Tables View.
– Checkbox added to Open Order Details report for including blanket items.
– Columns added to the Open Order Details report for showing blanket item status, original blanket quantity, and blanket quantity
remaining. Columns are disabled by default.
– Editable checkbox column added to Vendor Bills for excluding items from the discount calculation.
– Purchasing system setting for excluding freight from the discount calculation on vendor bills.

7.13.039 – 2/23/17
– Help documentation added for the Usages Worksheet.
– Right click menu item reorganized on the Usages Worksheet.
– Is Rush Order checkbox added to In house orders.

7.13.038 – 2/22/17
– Custom usage columns display usage (instead of final stock) on the Usage Worksheet.
– Custom usage column state saved with table layouts on Usage Worksheet.
– Inventory count column state saved with table layouts on Usage Worksheet.
– Filter state saved with table layouts on Usage Worksheet.
– Inventory worksheets drop down added to inventory tag list and inventory variance report.
– Primary stocking location selected by default on Part DDMRP tab.
– Table column widths saved with table layouts in general.

7.13.037 – 2/20/17
– Transaction added to schedule item confirmation operation.
– Refresh on Open orders list reloads the list of open orders from the database.
– Fix for error on grouped Open Order Details report.

7.13.036 – 2/16/17
– Inventory worksheets launcher dropdown added to title bar of BOM table.
– ‘Schedule production…’ right click menu item added to BOM table.
– Fix for transfer run result inventory change verification algorithm for modifications with change in U/M.
– Error on part inventory tab fixed.

7.13.035 – 2/15/17
– Fixes for errors on PO batch worksheet for PO items in the “vendor less” table and moving PO items to other POs.
– Refresh button added to tables on the PO batch worksheet.
– HornetQ connection timeouts increased.

7.13.034 – 2/14/17
– Ordinal indices on applied templates for determining their priority when there’s more than one.
– Vendor Bill # always editable when bill unlocked.
– Purchase order items display vendor product description, unit price, and vendor part number until PO is locked.
– PO item due date updated to match PO when items moved on PO Batch worksheet.

7.13.033 – 2/11/17
– TEST: indicator in front of status text.

7.13.032 – 2/10/17
– Total Final stock column added to both sides of the schedules and the PO Batch worksheet.
– Custom usage columns added to the Usage worksheet.
– Right click menu item added to the Usage worksheet for selecting an inventory count and adding a column to the worksheet for displaying the inventory tag amounts for each part/part stocking location on the worksheet.
– Fix for error in Receiver Items – For Forms & Labels dataset.
– List of saved table layouts added to the Manage Columns… wizard on tables.
– Right click menu item for “Remove table layout” on the list of saved table layouts.
– “TEST: ” indicator added to the bottom status bar text when the test environment system setting is checked.
– Address and Port columns added to the Connections view table.
– Removed auto-focus on first entry widget when editors opened.

7.13.031 – 2/8/17
– Zero initial price for parts drag and dropped or copied and pasted onto a quote.
– Built in test in Backbone Tests view for importing a trailer order file via a socket connection.
– Fix for errors on the profit margins report.

7.13.030 – 2/7/17
– Fix for error with Active BCN’s column on Profit margins report.
– Right click menu item added to Profit margins report for opening the active BCNs.
– Right click menu item added to Profit margins report for opening active quotes.

7.13.029 – 2/6/17
– Fix for problem with duplicate objects on transaction rollback.

7.13.028 – 2/6/17
– Columns for active Quote #’s and active BCN #’s added to Profit Margins report.
– Reason codes column added to Production Details report.
– Fix for enabling and disabling specific scrap columns on the Production Details report.
– Auto-refresh added back to Parts view.
– Administrator only right click menu item on the Database Tables view for converting all tables to type InnoDB.
– System setting on Baseline Versions settings page for marking a database as a “Test” environment.
– Added Backbone Tests view for running unit tests and other coded tests from within a running Backbone instance.
– Order BOM items reloaded every time a schedule tree is built.

7.13.027 – 2/2/17
– Fix for PO item default qty units and unit price.
– Fix for displaying associated order info and final stock info on PO batches and PO items table.

7.13.026 – 2/1/17
– Fix for error when viewing forms containing a table.

7.13.025 – 2/1/17
– Automatic part up-to-date checks on Part Configuration tab now must be turned on with system setting on Parts settings.
– Invalid background messages now shown in error log file.
– Error fixed when opening multi-part configurator.
– Fix for error involving empty accounting action set.

7.13.024 – 1/31/17
– Date range remembered for Part inventory Actual Changes tab.
– ‘Load’ button added to Part inventory Actual Changes tab for manually initiated loading of that table.
– Specialized notifications when Hub connection lost.
– Fix for excessive, repetitive tree state lookups.

7.13.023 – 1/30/17
– Refresh button added to Open Shipments View.

7.13.022 – 1/26/17
– Part level weekly usage not shown by default on open of Part inventory tab. Button added for displaying the weekly usage.

7.13.021 – 1/24/17
– Fix for errors when double clicking vendor product groups and customer product groups.
– Fix for FIFO caching error related to inventory changes with 0 total qty or 0 cost.
– Fix for error when adding quote items by copy/pasting/drag-n-dropping customer products.

7.13.020 – 1/24/17
– User count added to Online Users view.
– Right click menu items for archiving receivers removed.
– Checkbox for archiving receivers added back if corresponding system setting is checked.
– Current internal cost used for FIFO caching on inventory changes with no cost recorded.

7.13.019 – 1/22/17
– Fix for unit conversion and FIFO caching.

7.13.018 – 1/22/17
– Fix for concurrent modification error with background updating.
– Fix for FIFO algorithm and handling modification changes.

7.13.017 – 1/20/17
– Default company location paperwork statement entered by default when a new customer company location paperwork entry is created.

7.13.016 – 1/20/17
– Negative price adjustments now rounded down to nearest dollar.
– Quickbooks drop down menu items active without selecting an item.
– Customer product’s BCN list no longer requires link to a quote item.
– Customer products editable when customer open in read only mode.
– Launch invoice and shipment review worksheets from profit margins report.
– Right click menu item on shipments review worksheet for updating shipment item production costs.
– System setting in Purchasing settings for allowing manual receiver completion.
– Right click menu item added to Open Receivers list for manually completing receivers.
– Right click menu item added to Vendor activity receivers list for toggling the completion mark.

7.13.015 – 1/18/17
– BCN managers included in approver list.

7.13.014 – 1/18/17
– Managers notified on BCN submittal.
– Connection response times added to Connections View.

7.13.013 – 1/18/17
– Fix for commandeering editors.

7.13.012 – 1/13/17
– Fix for setting product type wizard.

7.13.011 – 1/12/17
– # items added back to expanders on Open Order Details report.
– Fix for handling error due to invalid Part FIFO cache characters.
– BCN’s only look at company locations for top level items.
– BCN managers included in approver list.
– Checkbox for clearing parts’ and part groups’ assigned product type.

7.13.010 – 1/6/17
– Fix for editable quantity column on Master Shipments.
– System settings for GP account #’s for credit memos and payables debit memos.
– Company locations drop down on Invoices Review worksheet sorted and limited to profit centers.

7.13.009 – 1/5/17
– System setting for GP account # for payables invoices balancing distribution item.
– Parts list refresh added to duplicate and merge part operations.

7.13.008 – 1/4/17
– ‘Clear’ button added to default part selection wizard on Template based and Category based template inputs.
– System setting for constructing the multi-segmented GP account #’s with the account # segment first.

7.13.007 – 1/3/17
– Fix for negative receiver RGA quantities.
– 0 quantity credit items excluded from GP export.

7.13.006 – 1/3/17
– Improvements to table layout saving behavior
– Documentation on Inventory Counts
– Filter on customer products tab for only showing items with active quotes.
– Quote # column on customer products tab changed to “Last Quote #”.
– Last Quote Start and Last Quote End date columns added to customer products table.
– Currently Active column added to customer products table.
– Right click menu item added to customer products for moving items via a wizard.
– % variance column added to Inventory count variance tables.

7.13.005 – 12/23/16
– Inventory count groups
– Notes field on ‘Set Stock Levels’ to add to inventory changes.
– Notes required for any manual adjustment
– “Stock at specified time” column on Set Stock Levels worksheet…
– Button on Set stock levels worksheet for loading stock at specified time.
– System setting for disallowing parts to be created on the top part level.
– Date range saving removed for Part inventory Actual changes table.

7.13.004 – 12/21/16
– Dedicated process for updating the FIFO cache for all parts.
– Right click for adjusting inventory works work for inventory change objects on stock planning worksheet.
– Instructions added to inventory adjustment dialogs
– Combine inventory adjusting dialogs with check box for usage change
– Changed ‘Include anticipated scheduling’ to ‘Include schedule pool items’.
– Turned off the Stocking schedule tab
– Added FIFO cache costing to costing methods on Inventory Tags.
– Removed separate “Launch stock projection worksheet” and “Set stock levels…” right clicks on Company Location Inventory tab.
– Usage decimals works for historical usage columns.
– Dollar column added to Inventory Changes worksheet
– Percentage change column added to Inventory Changes worksheet.

– Auto login as Administrator when any dedicated processes are set to auto-start.
– Sellable part # and description work for part inventory changes on Stock planning worksheet.
– “Open orders” right click menu item added to Stock planning worksheet.
– Customer location column added to Stock planning worksheet.
– Order # column added to the part inventory actual changes table.
– “Open orders” right click menu item added to the part inventory actual changes table.
– Instructional text added to Set stock levels worksheet.

– Unit tests for transfer and run result FIFO costing on inventory changes.
– Automatic zeroing tags added to full physical inventory counts.
– Fix for grouping on Profit margins report.
– Fix for occasional error saving certificate info for order items.

– Columns for vendor names, PO#s and projected arrival dates added to Production and transfer schedules. (disabled by default, requires scheduling engine update).
– Fix for printing bundle tags from receiver items.

– Improvements to Demand driven features