Changes for update stream 7.12

7.12.080 – 8/7/17
– Fix for item quantity on grouping shipment items.

7.12.079 – 6/9/17
– Fix for missing receiverItems definition in receivers.rptlibrary.

7.12.078 – 5/22/17
– Fix for error with part search title bar field.

7.12.077 – 5/16/17
– System setting on Receiver Form settings for only including received items on the receiver form instead of all PO items.

7.12.076 – 5/2/17
– Fixed error: “Unable to find Action Set:”
– Fixed error when dropping files onto order items entry table.
– Removed garbled log message when importing files.
– Removed online system settings check since service is no longer active.

7.12.075 – 3/7/17
– Fix for error on Shipments tab involving the inventory verification operation.

7.12.074 – 3/1/17
– Auto-refresh on Products list fixed.

7.12.073 – 2/15/17
– Fixes for errors on PO batch worksheet for PO items in the “vendor less” table and moving PO items to other POs.
– Refresh button added to tables on the PO batch worksheet.

7.12.072 – 2/6/17
– Fix for problem with duplicate objects on transaction rollback.

7.12.071 – 2/2/17
– Fix for PO item default qty units and unit price.
– Fix for displaying associated order info and final stock info on PO batches and PO items table.

7.12.070 – 1/26/17
– Part level weekly usage not shown by default on open of Part inventory tab. Button added for displaying the weekly usage.

7.12.069 – 1/25/17
– Fix for FIFO caching error related to inventory changes with 0 total qty or 0 cost.
– Current internal cost used for FIFO caching on inventory changes with no cost recorded.
– Right click menu items for archiving receivers removed.
– Checkbox for archiving receivers added back if corresponding system setting is checked.
– Fix for error when adding quote items by copy/pasting/drag-n-dropping customer products.

7.12.068 – 1/22/17
– BCN approver and manager fixes.
– Aggressive editor commandeering.
– Fix for background refreshing concurrent modification error.
– System setting for manual receiver archiving.
– Rounding down to nearest dollar on negative price adjustments.

7.12.067 – 1/11/17
– Fix for entering shipped quantities on Master Shipments.
– # of items added back to expanders on Open order details report.

7.12.066 – 12/27/16
– Sellable part # and description work for part inventory changes on Stock planning worksheet.
– “Open orders” right click menu item added to Stock planning worksheet.
– Customer location and customer column added to Stock planning worksheet.
– Order # column added to the part inventory actual changes table.
– “Open orders” right click menu item added to the part inventory actual changes table.
– Instructional text added to Set stock levels worksheet.
– Fix for error when emailing invoices.

7.12.065 – 12/16/16
– Fix for occasional error saving certificate info for order items.

7.12.064 – 12/13/16
– Fix for positive inventory change when items from a normal PO are returned.
– Cached FIFO cost used for transfer inventory changes.

7.12.063 – 12/9/16
– Fix for groupings Profit Margins report.
– Fix for automatic negative when syncing sub parts for Loss of Biz BCN items.

7.12.062 – 12/5/16
– Fix for printing bundle tags from receiver items.

7.12.061 – 12/2/16
– Fix for deleting all part collection items.
– Fix for “Replace in Configs” checkbox on mass BOM modification worksheet.

7.12.060 – 11/30/16
– Part selection template input selection lists don’t disappear when clicked outside of.
– If no parts selected when opening one inventory worksheet from another, then all parts on the original worksheet are included in the new one.
– Receivers now store the full receipt date and time, which is used when back dating inventory changes when a receiver is modified.
– Template input validation scripts.
– Run result check point results stored as individual persisted items in new table instead of XML string on the run results.
– Part collections no longer updated from old persistence style more than once.

7.12.059 – 11/18/16
– Fix for double subtracting scrap from inventory.
– Default for quantity template inputs is null, instead of 0.
– Unions added to part selection template input fast filters.

7.12.058 – 11/14/16
– Fix for control linking.
– Sub parts ready icon on schedule now supports pass thru schedule trees.
– Connection parameters added back to diagnostic view.
– Confirmation window size param set for new standalone HornetQ to support reconnection.

7.12.057 – 11/11/16
– Line item # column added to the Groupable open order details report.
– Deleted items filtered from Groupable open order details report.
– Control linking schedules supported with pass thru schedule trees.
– Null Ptr error fixed on Groupable open order details report.

– Loss of business flag forces BCN item quantity to be negative.
– New business flag forces BCN item quantity to be positive.
– Order BOM Complete column on the Grouped open order item details report only compares info relevant to the schedule.
– Order BOM generation operation is now transactional.

– Column for verifying the Order BOM added to order items table and Grouped order item details report.
– Material change qty column added to the BCN tables for displaying the quantity as negated if the item is marked as Loss of Biz.
– Ship location notes added to top of pull ticket printout.

– Fix for editor locking behavior with worksheets.

7.12.052 – 11/4/16
– Fix for Total Quantity field in custom_order_form.rptlibrary.
– Fix for occasional duplicate stocking location items on Stock Projections worksheet.
– Numbers on Open order details report due date groupings are now quantities instead of item counts.
– Standalone HornetQ messaging enabled/disabled via a checkbox setting in System settings.

7.12.050 – 10/31/16
– Duplicate part options filtered from template input part selections.
– Cost and % margin for credit items is standardized on 0.
– $ margin on credit items is the extended price.
– Scheduling engine errors fixed when no reference to order item for schedule item.
– Pluggable JMS (messaging) framework.

7.12.049 – 10/28/16
– Fix for error when confirming schedule items.

7.12.048 – 10/27/16
– Default retail and dealer margins applied for quote items of parts quotes at ATC.
– Documentation about Schedule Trees.

7.12.047 – 10/21/16
– “Stop schedule tree” schedule property added.
– Default behavior for purchasing schedule and subparts restored.

7.12.046 – 10/20/16
– Template Description column added to the Templates list.
– Must have New Product Manager Role to finalize BCNs via right click on the Active BCN view.

7.12.045 – 10/15/16
– Log message removed for error when background refreshing an item. It confuses the user and can use up disk space.
– Fix for freezing upon error when contacting the scheduling engine in Mac OS.
– Fix for error on part collections.
– Flag added to Quotes for including the Qty column.

7.12.044 – 10/13/16
– Fix for saving visible columns and column order.
– Part FIFO columns added to the Part Collection worksheet.
– Right click menu item for enabling the Part FIFO cache added to the Part Collection worksheet.
– Values enabled for Sellable part # and description on grouped BCN items.

7.12.043 – 10/12/16
– Fix for error when modifying columns as Admin.
– Updating the Part FIFO cache refreshes the interface.
– Fix for wrong part set when launching Stock planning worksheet from a schedule.

7.12.042 – 10/12/16
– Part costing worksheet launchable via right click operation on Part collection worksheet.

7.12.041 – 10/11/16
– Mass edit external part costs via the Part Costing worksheet. Launched via right click on the Parts list.
– Default Part grouping on BCN sub parts tab and details report.
– Fix for custom color codings on schedules.
– Copy and pasting of fast filters on template inputs.
– Right click menu item on fast filters for clearing the Backbone Javascript link.
– Flags for Active BCN’s only and Submitted BCN’s only on BCN details report. They are selected by default.
– Fix for error caching Smart Turn orders.

7.12.040 – 10/6/16
– Saving show columns state works in conjunction with saved table layouts.
– Database schema incremented to initiate an automatic schema update.

7.12.039 – 10/5/16
– Fix for Account number typing selection in table cell editing drop down account selection widgets.
– Works in latest Eclipse (Neon).
– Right click menu item added to the BOM summary table for persisting the calculated costs.
– Refresh added when External standard manually modified.

7.12.036 – 10/3/16
– Fix for saving user specific table settings.

7.12.035 – 10/2/16
– Table layouts saved with stock planning worksheets.

7.12.034 – 9/29/16
– New groupable open order items report.
– Persistable tree layouts via new right click menu item ‘Tree Layouts’.
– RGA’s display quantity and total with negative sign on the Shipment items report and the Shipments review worksheet.

7.12.032 – 9/27/16
– Is archived checkbox removed from receivers.
– PO log message added for when receivers are archived, which should only be when bills are generated.
– PO archived log message updated to include ‘PO’.
– ‘ Bill #’ Column added to Receivers report.
– Bill link added to Receiver objects and database table for direct access to the vendor bill for any given receiver.

7.12.030 – 9/27/16
– Fix for in table account drop down typing selection.
– PO # added to item description for invoices with items from multiple orders.
– Shipment # column added to the Invoice items entry table.
– Invoice item grouping always keeps items from different orders separate.

7.12.028 – 9/26/16
– Table column units display settings are persisted.
– Dynamic part collection loaders.
– Stock planning worksheets can be saved now via Save menu item under the Worksheet menu.
– Part class override column added to the Receiver details report.

7.12.027 – 9/21/16
– Fix for opening parts from the stock projections worksheet.
– Historical inventory changes now show only usages and additions when corresponding data source is selected.
– Units can be turned off (and on) for all quantity and price columns on the Stock planning worksheet.
– Many quantity and price columns including quantity config columns allow the user to decide if the units are displayed or not.
– This is done using an editable checkbox column in the Manage Columns… wizard.
– It isn’t persisted yet. It only affects the current session for now.

7.12.026 – 9/20/16
– Fix for missing buttons in stock planning worksheet title bar. New title bar row added for the usage factor fields.
– In the stock planning worksheet, expected inventory changes only show their change quantity in the usage columns with appropriate date ranges.
– In the stock planning worksheet, expected inventory changes only show their change quantity if it is the right sign for data source selected.

7.12.025 – 9/20/16
– Right click menu item added to the Schedules list for launching the stock projections worksheet with all parts on the selected schedules.

7.12.024 – 9/19/16
– Order #, Sellable part #, sellable part Description, unit run time columns added to stock planning worksheet.
– Drop down selection for usage quantity U/M and decimal places on stock planning worksheet.
– Ungrouping button on stock planning worksheet.
– Generalized memory reclaiming when no longer used.
– Fix for data schema updating operation running every time.

7.12.023 – 9/16/16
– Fix for error when updating price on Receiver item.
– Part collection worksheet auto-populated when BCN grouping items are selected.
– Memory usage improvement for Percentage objects.

7.12.022 – 9/15/16
– Title on BCN’s review worksheet
– Fix for Open Parts right click menu item on the BCN’s worksheet.
– Inventory worksheets on BCN details report and worksheet.

7.12.020 – 9/15/16
– BCN collapse on refresh fixed.
– Old part conversion factors removed when part generated.
– Part conversion factors shown on top of part categories.
– Inventory worksheets added to BCN sub parts tab.
– Various errors fixed.

7.12.017 – 9/14/16
– Various BCN errors fixed.

7.12.016 – 9/13/16
– Right click menu item on Active BCN’s view for Syncing sub parts on BCN’s. (When logged in as administrator only.)
– Fix for Weekly Run Time group values on BCN item tables.
– Editable columns added to the BOM table for Primary Vendor, Secondary Vendor, and Vendor product price. (Disabled by default.)
– Default ship time for customer locations is now 0. Set as desired in the Shipping system settings.

7.12.015 – 9/12/16
– Part and schedule groupings on the BCN sub parts tab, the BCN review worksheet, and the BCN details report.
– Fix for error when submitting BCN’s.
– Open Shipments view refreshed when invoices deleted or voided.
– Open order right click menu item added to invoice items table.
– Invoice # column added to the Shipments review worksheet and a right click menu item for opening the invoice.
– Total $ amounts on Receiver details report is negative for RGAs.

7.12.014 – 9/12/16
– Sellable part description and part number columns added to the BCN sub parts table and the BCN details report.
– Only a flat list of purchased parts is shown in the BCN sub parts table by default.
– When WIP parts are shown in the BCN sub parts table, the sub parts are shown in the full BOM tree structure.
– Submitting a BCN activates it and makes it appear in the Active BCN list.
– Erroneous recursion fixed on Order Invoices table.
– Global refresh added to the Generate Invoices operation that should refresh the Open shipments list, the Order Invoices table, and the shipment Open Invoices button.
– Comma delimited list of PO #’s added to the batch shipment invoices.

7.12.013 – 9/7/16
– Fix for error interfering with Shipment items review worksheet layout.
– Batch shipment invoices show up on Orders Invoices tab.
– Show columns added to Orders Invoices table.

7.12.012 – 9/7/16
– Company location filter logic updated to look at shipment item source biz unit on Shipment details report.
– Inventory change costs updated when receiver item price changed (with PO log entry).
– New Purchase Order permission for overriding the required vendor quoted price on PO items (with PO log entry).
– BCN’s not marked as Active by default when they are created.
– Only finished goods items on BCN report by default.
– Filter on BCN sub parts tab for filtering out WIP items (on by default.)
– Customer column on Shipment items review worksheet now shows customer name instead of customer location name.
– Filters on Shipment items review worksheet for showing only batchable shipments or not (settings remembered.)
– Fix for error with bad ATC adapter in Order Items data sets.
– Total Qty column added to Part Usage tab.

7.12.011 – 8/29/16
– Checkbox on Customer Settings tab for allowing batch invoicing of shipments.
– Batch invoicing of shipments for customers with setting enabled.
– Fix for automatic admin logon.
– Fix for doubling shipped quantity on order items.

7.12.010 – 8/18/16
– Sub parts tab added to Biz Change Notices.
– Right click on table to generate the sub parts.
– Sub parts also generated when BCN is submitted.
– Checkbox on BCN details report for Finished Goods only.
– Biz Change notice usage quantities option added to the drop down data selector on the Stock planning worksheet.
– Editable Unit price column on the BCN items table.
– Unit price automatically set if linked to quote items or customer products.

7.12.009 – 8/14/16
– Multi-company locations filter on Receiver Details report.
– Customer Product Weekly Usage list updating optimized.
– Last Submit date field added to Biz Change Notices.
– Resubmit for Biz Change Notices.
– All columns editable when modifying run results.

7.12.008 – 8/10/16
– Auto-refreshing the user inbox when approvals given.
– Multi-threaded connection handling.
– Multi-threaded transaction handling.
– Default transaction isolation reduced to READ_COMMITTED.
– Strict (serializable isolation) transactions for inventory changing operations.
– Explicit Lock Tables queries phased out.
– Database creation no longer tried by default on launch.
– Button added to the database connection wizard for creating a new database if desired.

7.12.007 – 8/5/16
– Multiple dedicated database connection supported to help with multithreading and transactions.
– Dedicated background process for sending Backbone Hub messages inserted into the database by third party.
– Inventory worksheets titlebar drop down added to Order details report.
– System setting added to Parts settings page for not including file attachments when parts are duplicated.
– Schedule’s confirmed items list refreshed periodically on the scheduling engine.
– Fix for duplicate schedule periods being created when schedule pool is arranged by due date.

7.12.006 – 8/1/16
– Fix for null pointer error when printing receiver form without freight cost.

7.12.005 – 8/1/16
– Fix for error when populating standard unit conversions table.
– BCN notifications updated to be consistent with new approval policy.
– User inbox grouping by Order, Quote, or PO. (Button added to title bar for ungrouping.)

7.12.004 – 7/28/16
– Fix for scrap quantities not being saved.
– Button add to parts quotes for creating an order.
– Delete supported on part selection inputs’ fast filters list.
– Right click for opening the Backbone Javascript attached to a fast filter item.
– VIN attachment widgets added to parts quotes.
– List of attached quotes added to Warranty/Service tab of trailer orders.

7.12.003 – 7/27/16
– Quotes can be linked to trailer orders and old VINs.
– Linked quote list added to linked order list tab for trailer orders.
– Warranty and service status added to quote items.
– Dynamic template value calculation supported for fast filters on part selection template inputs.

7.12.002 – 7/26/16
– New view for list of standalone javascripts that can reference each other or be referenced from other scripts.
– Default quote type for ATC is now the regular parts quote type.
– New right click menu action on the Customer Quotes table for starting a Configured Quote.
– Fast filters for part selection template inputs.
– Parts can be dragged and dropped onto quotes with proper system setting enabled.

7.12.001 – 7/20/16
– Materials used items now include all sub parts no matter how many levels down not covered by another schedule, when “Schedule pass thru” system setting enabled.
– Database table for all possible standard unit conversions. Populate via right click on Database Tables view.
– Fix for part options updating for template based selection inputs.

7.12.000 – 7/18/16
– Persisted shipment item cost totals.
– Company locations filter on Account details report.
– Creation date added to BCNs.
– Creation date range constraints on BCN report.