Changes for update stream 7.14

7.14.121 – 4/21/18
– Fix for company name override field on company locations.
– Forms tab added to Company Locations.
– Company Location PO Notes added to PO forms.

7.14.120 – 4/20/18
– Supplier ID field added to Customer settings tab.
– Checkbox added for showing supplier ID on invoice and shipment forms.
– Checkbox added for showing Tax ID on invoice form.
– Company name override field added to Product type branding info.
– Static PO# field added to customer products.
– If entered, static PO# is included in item descriptions on invoice and shipment forms.
– Fix for including credits in customer balances.
– Recents menu saved when updated

7.14.119 – 4/19/18
– Fix for updating schedule assignment flags when part generated.
– ‘runBatchNumber’ preview parameter supported on run_results datasets.

7.14.118 – 4/17/18
– Reports now go to the address auto-reports email address in the system settings.

7.14.117 – 4/16/18
– Shutdown command on Online users view is now Admin only.
– Escape characters removed from text when entered into text fields.

7.14.113 – 4/9/18
– Fix for error handling when running dedicated processes.

7.14.112 – 4/5/18
– Scrap reason names displayed in same order as scrap fields on Production details report.

7.14.110 – 3/30/18
– Fix for inventory change locations when reassigning a schedule item to schedule at different location.

7.14.109 – 3/26/18
– All short VINs updated by dedicated process.
– Fix for new SmartTurn paging limits.

7.14.108 – 3/19/18
– Additions included in calculation for refill due dates on Stock planning worksheet.

7.14.107 – 3/6/18
– Client memory usage column added to online users list.
– Response time column fixed for online users list.

7.14.106 – 2/23/18
– Fix for default parts orders unit prices with markups.
– Fix for mixing alternate purchasing schedule with a production schedule.

7.14.105 – 2/7/18
– Fix for unfinalized materials used entry field when run results committed on condensed production ticket.
– Errors logged without interrupting the process for persisted costs updating dedicated process.
– Fix for rounding of quantities in background data updates with push messaging.
– Fix for error loading SmartTurn usages.

7.14.104 – 2/1/18
– Inventory status check column added to schedule run batches list.
– Fix for one-off background reloading when using push messaging.
– Fix for null pointer error on Storage Locations view.

7.14.103 – 2/1/18
– Fix for rescheduling sub parts with item confirmation.
– Schedule of completion added to “Completed” marking on open order details report.
– Fix for null ptr error when updating shipment item persisted fields.

7.14.102 – 2/1/18
– Fix for customer product location usage calculation.
– Schedule items data set added to batch and production ticket print sites.
– Package (bundle) size column added to order template wizard.

7.14.101 – 1/23/18
– Fix for date only entry in date/time field.
– Fix for customer product location spec overrides.
– Editable index column on order template item entry table.
– Fix for automatic indexing of order template items as they are entered.

7.14.099 – 1/16/18
– Fix for null ptr error on part configurations.

7.14.098 – 1/15/18
– Fixes for more formatting in push messaging.
– Fix for activity log API inconsistency error.

7.14.097 – 1/12/18
– Fixes for push messaging formatting.
– Order/quote/PO items automatically organized when drag and dropped.
– Fix for quote date range end exclusion when checking for valid pricing.
– Fix for error when organizing PO items.

7.14.092 – 1/9/18
– Duplicate part(s) menu item added to part collections.
– Fix for money value formatting error in push messaging.

7.14.091 – 1/9/18
– Shipment time displayed.
– Created date column added to part collections.
– Part order BOM usage changed to Open order BOM usage.
– Preferred vendor part # added to stock_items datasets.

7.14.090 – 12/29/17
– Logging is turned off by default for errors during background data refreshing.
– Client persisted setting in Advanced settings for turning on logging of errors during background data refreshing.
– Automatic log size limits.
– Settings for controlling the log size limits.

7.14.089 – 12/27/17
– Fix for push messaging error with infinite prices.

7.14.088 – 12/26/17
– Order and order item tagging.

7.14.087 – 12/18/17
– Right click menu items for Open workspace and Open install location in the Diagnostics view.
– Short VIN searches added.
– Drop down option on Order BOM ‘Show diffs’ button for turning the diffs on by default.

7.14.086 – 12/13/17
– Vendor bill syncing with Great Plains.
– System setting for auto-adjusting bill #’s when exporting to GP and a duplicate bill # is encountered.
– Vendor bills export part description to GP instead of part name.
– Fix for service claim search when invalid claim # entered.

7.14.085 – 12/4/17
– Material $ columns added back to transfer details report.
– Fix for internal cost error on transfer details report.

7.14.084 – 11/30/17
– Run results record internal cost at time of production.
– Run results record total of sub part internal costs.
– Material used items record internal cost at time of production.
– Material used items record total internal cost at time of production.
– Columns added to transfer details report to shows internal cost at time of transfer and current internal cost.
– Fix for editable quote margin column on quote items entry table.

7.14.082 – 11/28/17
– BIRT log file size limited to 512 bytes.

7.14.081 – 11/26/17
– Fixes for closing transactions before notifying scheduling engine.
– Quote item price updating wizard menu item added to the Quotes worksheet.
– Standard margin column on quote item entry table is editable.
– Pkg size column added to order template wizard.
– Editable Pkg size column added to order templates.

7.14.080 – 11/18/17
– Quote item price updating wizard.
– Cleaned up cost columns on quote items table.

7.14.079 – 11/17/17
– Labor and overhead costing columns added to Profit Margins report.
– All costing units converted to invoiced quantity units.
– Columns showing shipment item persisted costs added to shipments review worksheet.

7.14.078 – 11/14/17
– Receive PO items transaction committed before scheduling engine notified.
– Compiled warnings column added to Open orders list.

7.14.077 – 11/13/17
– Fix for opening links in Inbox messages on Macs.
– Short VIN persisted along with normal VIN.
– Dedicated process for updating short VINs on existing order items.

7.14.076 – 11/7/17
– Fix for error when dropping quote items onto BCNs.
– Customer product location entry widgets cleaned up.

7.14.075 – 11/6/17
– Times added to Due and Date columns on the In-house orders report.
– Template scripts executed before BOM built and costs persisted. (so costing method is set and costs are persisted correctly).
– Ungroup button added to Usage worksheet titlebar.
– Edit button added to template BOM table.

7.14.074 – 11/1/17
– Fix for duplicate refill orders.
– Fix for in-house orders report.

7.14.073 – 11/1/17
– Index column and groupings added to order templates worksheet.

7.14.072 – 10/30/17
– Customer inventory tracking features merged into 7.14.
– Rush item checkbox on order items.

7.14.070 – 10/23/17
– Sticky notes on schedule popups.
– Set preference for sticky notes in Scheduling user preferences.

7.14.069 – 10/19/17
– Fix for error from customer orderable item open order items list.

7.14.067 – 10/18/17
– Fix for updating inventory changes of transfer run result after destination location modification.

7.14.066 – 10/18/17
– Improved transfer run result entry and modification that allows modifying the destination.

7.14.065 – 10/10/17
– Open order quantity added to Order Template Items and Customer Product Locations data sets.
– Improved error message for creating a BIRT project from a published report.

7.14.059 – 10/9/17
– Surcharge credits automatically added to credits generated by service claims that don’t have a corresponding RGA.

7.14.058 – 10/7/17
– Open order quantity function added to order template items for showing on forms.

7.14.057 – 10/2/17
– Fixes for formatting errors with push messaging.
– Fix for schedule notes popup disappearing right away.
– Fix for matching transfer schedule items with pool items when multiple transfers in a row.

7.14.056 – 9/29/17
– Fix for username and password when mounting remote Mac volume.
– Fix for price values in push messaging.
– Customer locations sorted alphabetically in Order ship to drop down.

7.14.055 – 9/29/17
– Order warnings column added to Open Orders list.

7.14.053 – 9/27/17
– Removed requirement for -scheduling switch in launch args to run as scheduling engine.
– Right click menu item in Connections View for starting a Hub connection or seeing an error message.
– Fixes for matching up schedule items with old pool items via order BOM items.

7.14.052 – 9/26/17
– Fix for order template items and template input items getting out of order.
– Number of schedule items in period shown where duplicate schedules periods need disambiguation.
– Schedule notes popup triggered with click instead of hover.
– Mac remote volume mount checks to see if mount already exists first.

7.14.051 – 9/23/17
– Fix for schedule notes popup disappearing immediately.
– Fix for slow typing in shipment truck driver field.
– Fix for receiver items vendor product number.
– Scheduling engine checks for other running scheduling engine on startup.

7.14.050 – 9/20/17
– Fix for excessive most recent receiver item reloading.
– Scheduling engine calculations are throttled slightly after the first update cycle so they don’t tie up the database as much.
– Faulty schedule items with no work order attached are not even attempted to add to the schedule cache.
– Scheduling engine will not launch without the ‘-scheduling’ parameter in the launch shortcut.
– Fix for automatic Mac remote volume mounting.

7.14.049 – 9/18/17
– Automatic mounting for remote file repo for macs.

7.14.048 – 9/12/17
– Fix for order template item ordering.

7.14.047 – 9/11/17
– List util for scripting context.

7.14.046 – 9/5/17
– One more fix for full object messaging backwards compatibility.

7.14.045 – 9/3/17
– Fix for full object messaging backwards compatibility.

7.14.044 – 8/24/17
– Full object messaging and durable messaging changes pushed to 7.14.

7.14.041 – 8/22/17
– Fix for order shipments not being populated by the order shipments model builder.

7.14.040 – 8/22/17
– Order Config tab added underneath the order items entry tab.
– Right click menu item added to the order config table for applying a template by default to new orders.
– Special delivery date/time field added to orders.
– Target delivery time added to shipping system settings.
– Target delivery time override added to customer settings tab.
– Target delivery time override added to customer locations.
– Fix for refreshing of sub item quantities on Master Shipment table.
– Fix for shipment item backordered quantity on forms when shipment isn’t finalized.
– Fix for purchasing agent name column on Vendor activity tab.
– Current vendor part # used instead of persisted vendor part # on PO item tables.
– System setting for using the subject as the the PO email body.

7.14.039 – 8/8/17
– Another fix for rollback of ‘fast’ open orders index.

7.14.038 – 8/8/17
– Fix for old composite index error on Open Orders list.

7.14.037 – 8/7/17
– Fix for item quantity of grouped shipment items.

7.14.036 – 8/3/17
– JMS acknowledgement mode switched to AUTO-ACKNOWLEDGE so that messages don’t wait around and build up on the server.
– HornetQ client IDs now include the Backbone username.

7.14.034 – 7/30/17
– Fixes for quote entry widget locking.
– Fixes for document item organization wizard.
– Fixes for surcharge items.
– Can’t shutdown when orders are finalizing in the background.
– Order log entry when production assigned to alternate schedules.
– Bundle tags show the customer part description when available.
– Fix for opening parts via right click on BCN grouping items.

7.14.033 – 7/18/17
– Fix for redundant part unit conversions when multiple templates applied.
– Fix for consistently selecting the same unit conversion when there are redundant ones to pick from.
– Quote lock button enablement updated when pressed.

7.14.032 – 7/14/17
– Fix for error when processing bills.

7.14.031 – 7/13/17
– Improved handling for default database connection settings.
– Fixes for Usage column on BCN tables.
– Total Usage column added to BCN tables.
– Fix for error when adding zeroing tags to inventory count.

7.14.030 – 7/12/17
– Shutdown sequence adjusted to support unforeseen operations still needing to be performed when closing Backbone.
– Refresh behavior for Quotes improved.
– JMS connection settings controllable in the system settings.
– Fix for Usages column on BCN item worksheet.
– Open orders loading logic reverted to match 7.13.
– New BCN notification logic: only first approver generates a notification.

7.14.029 – 7/6/17
– Composite index added for loading part configuration values.
– Composite index added for loading templates applied to parts.
– Fix for StackOverflow error on Usage column of BCN worksheet.

7.14.028 – 7/5/17
– Composite index added for retrieving User inbox messages.
– Usage column added to BCN tables.
– qty.roundUp() added to Quantity objects for rounding up to the nearest integer.
– Schedule property checkbox added for rounding default schedule quantities up to nearest integer by default.
– Checkbox added to Scheduling system settings for including a transfer schedule step at top of schedule tree when shipping location is different from production location.
– Fix for expected inventory changes when selecting ‘push WIP to next step’ in the schedule properties.’

7.14.027 – 6/30/17
– Fix for ScheduleBOMUtil when dealing with top level schedule items.

7.14.026 – 6/27/17
– convertUnits(‘u/m’, unitConversions) added to Price objects for easy unit conversions in javascript.
– ‘Create report project’ right click menu item added to the Print site Report list wizard. This creates a project in the workspace with the published report and libraries.
– ‘Projects’ list added to the Publish report Wizard for selecting reports and libraries from the workspace to publish.
– Right click menu item ‘Add bundled Backbone libraries…’ added to the Navigator View for adding libraries to a report project in the workspace.
– Surcharge items always after the corresponding normal item on orders, shippers, and invoice forms and PDFs.
– All run result datasets added to the Print site on the condensed production ticket.
– Product Type column added to the Open Order Items report.
– Unit conversions enabled on row items on Open Order Items report.

7.14.025 – 6/23/17
– Fix for location and account for surcharge items added at invoice time.

7.14.024 – 6/22/17
– Better thread handling when shutting down HornetQ connection.
– Fix for generating full refund for trailer orders.
– When logged in as administrator, button for undeleting a customer at top of Customer info tab.
– Order item quantity needed calculation in shipment wizard improved to handle deleted shipments better.
– Ready-to-go filter added to normal schedule pool tables.

7.14.023 – 6/21/17
– Filter added to floating schedule pool for showing only items that are showing the green light.
– Filter toggle for active Vendors only moved to the title bar of the Vendors list view.
– Unnecessary ORDERY BY clauses removed from SQL queries.
– Template BOM item description added to Materials Used entry table.
– Bug fixed where users logged in with the same Backbone user don’t see each other’s data updates.
– Bug fixed where order item price was getting frozen on the item before first order finalization.
– Bug fixed for auto-adding surcharge items.
– Bug fixed where shipment item quantity entry wasn’t showing corresponding automatic sub item quantity changes.
– (Not tested yet) Start of feature allowing transfers as last steps for order items shipped from a different location from their production location.
– There is a new system setting in the Scheduling settings for turning on this feature.

7.14.022 – 6/14/17
– Checkbox for excluding target price in part duplication operation.
– Deleted parts filtered from Template Parts tab.
– Applied Stock column added to the Production Details report.

7.14.021 – 6/8/17
– Fix for ‘scheduleBOMUti’l scripting variable.
– Unit $ added to zeroing inventory tags.

7.14.020 – 6/7/17
– Added detection of problem when SmartTurn warehouse credentials are not valid to the ATP syncing operation.
– Multi-shipment invoice values (ship to, billing address, etc.) populated when values are consistent for all shipments on the invoice.
– Composite indices for the order BOM loading query.
– Composite indices for the main part configuration loading query.
– File references can be deleted if the actual file was removed manually from the repo.

7.14.019 – 6/2/17
– Fix for error with scripted columns on schedules.

7.14.018 – 6/1/17
– more functionality in scheduleBOMUtil for accessing sub item scheduling info.

7.14.017 – 5/31/17
– PA and item accounts populated when PO’s duplicated.
– ScheduleBOMUtil added to the scripting context for scripted columns on schedules.
– Easy U/M conversions in scripts: qty = qty.convertUnits(unitsAbbr, unitConversions);
– Composite index added for part schedule assignments query.
– Composite index added for order item schedule items.

7.14.016 – 5/30/17
– Company locations filter added to Production Details report.
– Customers worksheet can be launched by right clicking on the Customers list.
– Product Type column added to the Open Order Details report.

7.14.015 – 5/27/17
– Fix for overwriting of scripts in scripted column wizard.
– Custom Smart Turn usage columns saved with table layouts.
– Fix for Inventory count costing method options in drop downs.
– Drag and drop part collections onto inventory tag lists.
– Inventory tags get default U/M and unit price when dragging and dropping items onto the tag list.

7.14.014 – 5/25/17
– Sub items removed from Sub Parts tab of BCNs when top level BCN items deleted.
– Fix for legacy JMS connections.
– Deploy BIRT libraries from a list of bundled report libraries.
– Fix for restoring saved custom usage columns.
– Checkbox on Customer Settings tab for excluding customers from automatic surcharges.
– Error setting PO item defaults fixed.

7.14.013 – 5/18/17
– List of bundled report libraries added to the BIRT report publishing wizard.

7.14.012 – 5/16/17
– Ship from location drop down on orders is alphabetized.
– Right click menu item added to Orders review worksheet for updating order branding info.
– inventory verification column added to the Production Summary report.

7.14.011 – 5/10/17
– Shortcut settings override online default settings.
– User preferences override both.

7.14.010 – 5/10/17
– Default online settings from license server are overridable in the preferences again.

7.14.009 – 5/10/17
– Persisted property values included in table on table row data info.
– Fix for inventory verification on material used items with substituted parts.
– For the Great Plains export, sub-invoice items are given line item #’s after all the main invoice items.

7.14.008 – 5/9/17
– Fix for null pointer on run result without a schedule item reference.
– Composite indices framework added to schema update operation.
– Composite index added for old open orders list.

7.14.007 – 5/8/17
– qty.round(numFractionDigits) added to quantity objects.
– Flag for marking a part as a non-inventory item.
– Flag is scriptable: part.setIsNonInventoryItem(true);
– Editable column added to part collections for mass changing the flag.
– Checkbox added to top of parts’ Inventory tab for non-inventory flag.
– No blocking on durable messaging send.
– More use of fast open order index.
– Fix for refresh on the Online Users view.
– Fix for getting default settings from license server.
– Open order fast index updating added to the scheduling engine cycle.

7.14.006 – 5/3/17
– Real backwards compatibility for open orders list fast index.
– Quantity objects can be rounded in scripts.

7.14.005 – 5/2/17
– Fix for stack over flow on quote item unit price when activated but not locked.
– unitConversions supported in scripted columns.
– Usage columns return quantity values on Usage Worksheet.
– Fast index for open orders list.
– Default order terms added to customer/vendor locations.
– Fix for error when dropping file attachments onto the order items entry list.
– Duplicate ‘Manage inventory count columns…’ menu items removed from Usages Worksheet.

7.14.004 – 4/29/17
– Database schema update won’t run if it is older than the current database schema.
– Unit conversion utility added to part scripting context.
– Run batch inventory verification improved to handle results with 0 finished quantity.

7.14.003 – 4/26/17
– Transfers and manual changes excluded from FIFO cost calculations.
– Open order index flag added to orders for fast indexing of open orders.
– Fix for displaying HornetQ address in Connections view.

7.14.002 – 4/20/17
– Full object messaging to avoid all clients reloading data whenever changes are made.
– Item descriptions, numbers, and prices remain dynamic on POs, quotes, and orders until they are locked the first time.
– Online system settings service no longer used.

7.14.001 – 4/6/17
– Option for clearing all direct account assignments added to the wizard for modifying account assignments on the part collection worksheet.
– ATC test order file included in build.
– Fixes for table layout saving and updating.
– System setting added to Backbone Hub settings for using durable messaging.
– Focus forced on title bar search field.

7.14.000 – 3/23/17
– Importing a directory into the file repository preserves the folder structure of all the files being copied into the repository.
– Files can now only be imported into a valid Backbone file repository.
– The file repos must be setup using a button in File Repo system settings.
– Drop down input type has a checkbox for sorting the options alphabetically when displayed to the user.
– Right click menu item on inventory changes tables for opening the run batch for production inventory changes.
– System setting added under PO Form settings for only showing the items received on the receiver form instead of all the PO items.